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Australian milk production down 3.3%

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Milk production fell 3.3% YOY in March, bringing season to date output 6.2% behind the prior year according to Dairy Australia.

Production trended down across most states. In Victoria, output was down 5.8% YOY for the month, with production in northern Victoria dropping 7.8% YOY for, with a 6.9% YOY fall in Gippsland. Milk output in western Vic fell 2.5% YOY in March. Victoria’s production was tracking 7.1% behind the prior season to the end of March. In NSW, production fell 2.9% YOY for the month, seasonal production tracking 10.7% behind prior year. South Australia’s March milk intake fell 2.4% YOY, 4.3% behind the prior season. Tasmania bucked the national trend, up 5.3% YOY for the month, with the state’s production 1.6% ahead of the season before.

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