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TN Govt hikes procurement price for high fat milk

In a significant move, the Tamil Nadu government on Wednesday announced that it has decided to increase the procurement price for the maximum fat content of milk which is sold by the Tamil Nadu Cooperative Milk Producers Federation Limited (TNCMPFL) under the brand name of Aavin.

“Testing of milk samples from some of the TNCMPFL members found that the milk contained more than 6 per cent fat. Realising that the procurement price should be raised for high fat milk, the maximum price offered at present has been increased according to the grade and the grade list has been raised to 6.0, 6.1, 6.2…..7.5 percent respectively. The price list of milk procurement has been expanded up to a maximum of 7.5 per cent, ” said T Mano Thangaraj, state minister for Milk and Dairy Development in a statement.

Further, the minister directed all unions across the state to ensure that the high fat milk procured from the farmers is paid a fair price.

This will get the maximum amount for the producers of high fat milk, he added.

Dairy Development Minister T. Mano Thangaraj on Wednesday announced that farmers who consistently supply milk having high levels of fat and solids- non-fat (SNF) will soon get an incentive of ₹1 per litre of milk. The farmers will have to supply milk with 4.3% fat and 8.2% SNF. Cow milk has total fat and SNF of 12.5%.

“An incentive of Rs 1 per litre will be given to producers who produce and supply quality milk. A scheme to provide a dividend on net profit to milk producers will be implemented this year. Spot Acknowledgement has been implemented to fulfil the long-standing demand of farmers to provide milk price according to the quality of milk and has been welcomed by the farmers. Through this, milk producers who provide quality milk get a maximum of Rs 1 to Rs 2 per litre, ” detailed the minister.

Services such as insurance schemes for livestock, medical assistance for livestock and artificial insemination are being implemented well and due to this, the production of milk has increased significantly in the coming days, he noted.

Source : DT next and The Hindu


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